welcome to the webtzite

it's good to see you!

i made this page because i am trying to escape my tendency to doomscroll. i've used twitter for almost 10 years and oh my gosh it sucks. i've used tiktok for 3 and even though it's a got a lot of funny and important stuff, spending around 2 hours on it every day is making my brain melt out of my ears. i see neocities mostly as a way to keep up with my friends and interests without having to touch something owned by a jackass CEO i wouldn't trust father than i could throw. and i have very weak arms.

i feel super normal about maps, metros, and trains. extremely regular.

i am filling this space up with text to see if it will scroll. i really like formats that scroll in the middle, and include their own little subsections. i think that would be a very good way to add the submission form for my radio show.

i also spend most of my time listening to music, and i dj for a radio show at my college. hopefully i'll get a submissions form up and running on here. until then, please enjoy my music box.

music box
Lily Yan
Naked in Manhattan
Chappell Roan
Watch Me Move
Uhm Jung Hwa